We drive

We want to create more autonomous communities, capable of shaping their own future. That is why we work in a participatory way – from the bottom up – using new ideas, methodologies and ways of doing things.

We research, mix with others and experiment to generate solutions that transform our daily lives and improve the present we inhabit.

We do

Since 2012 we have worked with different territories, organisations and groups of people, developing projects of different scales and types: from drafting guidelines and policies on a territorial scale to experimental pedagogical projects in schools.

We use different methodologies and tools that come from diverse areas of knowledge such as design, architecture, social sciences, anthropology, artistic practices, futures studies or pedagogy to develop our work, which is materialised in services and projects that revolve around the public and the community.

We are

Ane Abarrategi Zaitegi

Interested in design as a tool for building solutions and futures, mainly to create collective processes and experiment with new models.

Maddi Texeiro Tarazaga

I am dedicated to accompanying and facilitating collective design processes with diverse people, immersing myself in their worlds and attending to their needs through listening and empathy.


Itsaso Larramendi Elexgarai

Interested in the political potential of the urban, I work to make cities with and for the people who live in them.


Oihane Fdez. de Retana Diaz

I bring service design tools and methodologies to arrive at actionable solutions, while exploring the world of participatory futures.


Jokin Etxeberria Jiménez

I work on projects related to local development, public participation and common spaces.


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